The true expression of luxury in Sotogrande
Perfectly integrated into the luxury area of ​​Sotogrande, this villa is conceived as a minimalist architecture project where contrasts predominate. On the one hand, the white and refined volumes give this house an avant-garde profile; On the other, a natural stone base that gives this house a carefully Mediterranean warmth.

The first perception in the design of this luxury home is its main entrance, where a large central figure frames the main facade and invites its visitors to discover the interior of the architect's work. Perfect details, nobility in materials, open spaces, double heights and a rigorous control of natural light, reflect what can be felt from the outside: a perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

The building is closed on both sides for maximum privacy. A set of volumes slide over the first floor to compose the front face, which opens onto the garden and the pool. These volumes have been designed to create the best views and some spaces protected from direct light; shaded areas where the boundaries between the inner and outer areas are blurred.