Amazing villa in upper Sotogrande with incredibles views.

The characteristic fora from the nature Reserve on the plots borders have a unifying feature between the residence itself and its surrounding environment.
In the upper part, the porch and living areas can be seen, separated by a central patio. Below is the guest house and gymnasium
Entrance to the residence is gained via a path surrounding the plot, where the existing Mediterranean woodland is retained.
The house revolves around the Feng-Shui philosophy of living in harmony with one’s surroundings and the environment. This is achieved through commonsense application of orienting all the spaces of the residence
The main porch, looking at the swimming-pool. The concept of the porch furniture arises from a sense of almost being in a ivingroom, so it has been given the same character and importance.
The architectural style is based on balance and symmetry, the result of which is a residence open on each side with the sensation of living on the deck of a great yatch.
In the quest for integration with the environment, natural elements live side-by-side with built-up areas.
The sense of comfort that the elements’ symmetry provides to the residence and the combination of colours invites one to enjoy
the moment and to be in peace.
The dining-room: a great table designed by the interior designer commands the room.
For the fooring, a smooth industrial pavement requiring no joins has been employed, thus achieving a union between all the areas
The master bedroom, incorporating a walk-in closed, en-suite bathroom and summer shower.

The guest house, made up of the master bedroom, children’s bedroom, two en-suite bathrooms and the living-room with kitchen is
detached from the main residence, thus giving it a necessary independent feel.
One of the bedrooms of the guest house: the four beds that give it a youthful, fun character stand out.
The living-room and dining-room has a fully integrated kitchen.
The West porch, fully integrated within the natural park’s landscape.

Main House: living room, dining room, 4 bedroom with bathroom in suite, play room, laundry room, kitchen, courtyard, porch and terraces.
Guest House: living room, kitchen, 2 bedroom with bathroom in suite, porch and terrace.
Spa area: Sauna, locker room, jacuzzi and bathroom.
Staff Area: living room, kitchen, 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom, wine cellar, storage room, two cars indoor garage and installation room.
Heating and air conditioning, under floor heating, link by B&O music hi-fi and Wifi.