Expierence unparalleled luxury living at Cork Oak Mansion in Altos de Valderrama.
We present an exclusive selection of premium villas nestled in the serene and picturesque Mediterranean landscape. Located in Sotogrande, one of the most luxurious developments in Europe, the perfect place for an enviable lifestyle. A life surrounded by nature that allows for an unparalleled experience of peace and serenity.
Discover a residential project where the finesse of architecture blends seamlessly with nature’s grandeur. Nestled in a picturesque location, every element of this estate is thoughtfully crafted to complement and magnify the inherent beauty of its surroundings. The presence of cork oaks lends a remarkable allure to the property, making it a breathtaking natural wonder.
This splendid home is skillfully integrated with the surrounding trees, fostering patios and walkways that promote a life immersed in nature. The estate encompasses three distinct areas: a tranquil spa, the magnificent main residence, and a welcoming guest house. Each section is uniquely tailored to provide an experience of unrestricted freedom and a deep connection with the natural environment.
The architecture of the villa reflects the unique topography of the land, with a structure that follows the elongated, sloping shape of the terrain, while the reflective aluminium panels create an illusion of continuity between the structure and the forest.
This design reduces the visual prominence of the house, emphasizing the beauty of the natural surroundings. The concept of zero energy consumption without sacrificing maximum comfort is the challenge of Villa 95.
It consists of integrating nature and open spaces in a design and luxury home, with the objective of practically eliminating the environmental impact. The house uses renewable energy to supply all its needs, making it an energy self-sufficient villa. All these economic and environmental benefits do not detract from the aesthetics and luxury of the villa. To achieve this, a geothermal system is used with solar panels and a system of batteries that generate enough energy for the house to function. All this can be achieved without sacrificing aesthetics, good materials and the greatest exclusivity.
The approach of the projects arises from a double commitment: the will to give a technical response to a specific context and the desire to seek beauty through the built work, pursuing the satisfaction of all those who actively particiate in the development, in users, but also collaborators, builders and designers.